Our company - Electro E.E. Industrial Automations

Electro E.E. is an old Greek family company established in 1980 from Petros Sapountzis. Electro started with the representation, sales and distribution of the Finnish company STROMBERG in the Greek market. 

Our target

To save energy and to minimize operating costs in various applications and procedures for the benefit of our customers
Stromberg company was a big Finnish company specialized in producing low and medium voltage electro equipment.

Electro company succeeded in collaboration with big public construction companies to supply public and private projects with Stromberg products. The high quality of the products that Electro supplied in the market established the company as one of the most reliable companies in the Greek market with speciality in water pump installation refineries, shipyards, elevators, electromechanical installation in public buildings, airports, as well as industrial automation

Our vision

Our customers’ development with our support and contribution at a higher technological level

In 1995 due to the reclassifications made in the global market of electrical equipment, Electro EE company changed activity and enters the automation industry in the field of powerful electronics with new partnerships from European and Japanese companies. With this development, the company could respond to modern requirements with new competitive solutions in the field

and much more.

Wanting to help even more our customers and expecting that the technology of Power Electronic would grow in the future widespread in the Greek Industry and Maritime, we installed Service Center of AC Drives Vacon Plc inside our new establishment and became a Vacon Service Partner and covering the area of Greece and Cyprus.

With the continuous updating and training from the cooperating companies (Vacon, Ensto, Rafi, Areal, Schaffner, Idec, Ecomsa, Solcon) Electro managed a high level of technical training. As a result, our company now is able to perform the most demanding applications and technical support in any market by providing specialized technical staff in each difficulty will arise.

Course of actions


Establishment of Electro Company by Petros Sapountzis based in 7 Pter.Themeli, Thessaloniki. Undertakes the dealership of the Finnish company STROMBERG and then ENSTO, NOKIAN CAPACITORS, IDMAN, RAFI, SQUARRE D.


Undertakes the representation of companies VACON, IDEC IZUMI, FF-AUTOMATION, AREAL SCADA.


Our company’s headquarters moved in its new premises in the Industrial Area of Thermi and Mr. Nikos Sapountzis takes over the company specializing in Power Electronics area driven by great will for customer service giving right solutions quickly and efficiently.


Nikos Sapountzis creates VACON SERVICE centre, conferred the rights to an authorized service center for VACON Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus.

Starts cooperation with the construction company METKA in DMAOR 97 PPC project, one of the largest lignite projects in Europe.

Enters dynamically in the papermaking field, undertakes construction of sewage treatment plants and modernization of water supply and sanitation facilities in cooperation with construction companies.


Makes significant cooperation with EAC Cyprus on the energy sector.

Starts partnerships with shipping companies in Greece and Cyprus.