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Water Pump Application from RES

Another Electro EE project was successfully completed in a water pump station for water management with solar energy. More specifically, Electro EE has installed Inverter Drives that combine Solar Inverter technology to convert DC voltage to AC and Drive technology of Electric Motors to one device. The inverters installed convert DC power to AC and at the same time, they drive the pump motors.

IDEC LD6A LED Signalight Towers

Ergonomically designed for instant visual & audible recognition LD6A SignaLights combine the latest LED technology with IDEC safety technology. With a new concept and innovative design, LD6A light towers are ideal for factory automation and many applications. Read more here


Because it features the RAFI short-travel key switch, the RAMO 22/30 T provides that unique tactile feedback – with a noticeable click. The RAMO T is a standard component that is resistant to media, particularly during plant construction – thanks to its IP 66/IP69K degree of protection. The RAMO 22 T and RAMO 30 T differ in their mounting hole diameters, visual appearance, and design …

IDEC SafetyOne

In Human Machine Interface (HMI) environment, ensuring the safety of operators and machines is given the top priority. Enabling switches, emergency stop switches, light curtains, and other safety products are used to provide safety, and the SafetyOne can monitor and evaluate the safety information from the safety products most effectively. The SafetyOne satisfies the highest requirements of key safety standards, such as category 4 of …